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Rubber Industry

MLPC International has built up over the years a strong reputation as a supplier for the rubber-processing industry worldwide.


Used for the largest part in the industrial rubber industry, products manufactured by MLPC International are mainly accelerators which can increase the speed and lower the temperature of vulcanization (vulcanization is a chemical process giving rubber parts the required properties).


These products are marketed either as active powders or pellets : EKALAND™ range, or as polymer-bound masterbatches in pellet or slab form : MIXLAND® et MIXLAND®+ ranges.


The VULTAC® range, produced by the Arkema group in Rotterdam (Netherlands), completes MLPC International range of products. We sell and promote this range of alkylphenol disulfides used for the largest part in the production of tyres but also in the industrial rubber sector and the pharmaceutical industry.


Rubber chemicals applications are : vulcanization accelerators, sulfur donors, additives for rubber to metal adhesives.


Fine chemicals

Making use of its long-standing expertise in the chemistry of CS2 and amines, MLPC International has developed other products : fine chemicals intermediates, used for a variety of other applications such as agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, adhesives, concrete, paper mill, inks, water and surface treatment (cf. EKALAND™ & VULTAC® range : Specialty Chemicals ).


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