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MLPC INTERNATIONAL offers additives mainly for the rubber market and specialty niche chemicals, in synergy with our technologies and industrial assets.


Our CUSTOMERS can expect from us:

  • A high level of quality of products and services.
  • Technical support in our rubber core business.
  • R&D enabling us to market regularly new products to meet evolving technical requirements.

As a responsible producer of chemicals, MLPC INTERNATIONAL is committed to a proactive and durable improvement plan, with the goal to:  


Protect all our employees and subcontractors; protect the environment, against all accidents that may happen during operations.  


Analyze and manage all risks and their impact that may affect all people MLPC International cooperates with.  


Comply with and anticipate to all new applicable regulations and Arkema requirements.


Capitalize on opportunities and feedback from experience in a process of continuous improvement.


Committed and supportive, MLPC INTERNATIONAL’s EMPLOYEES work together to meet all these key objectives to ensure the company sustainability and growth:

  • A safe and adequate workplace.
  • Economic results to provide further investment.
  • Reliable and cost-efficient production processes.
  • Respectful relationships based on team work and open dialog.
  • Smart management of priorities.


Jean-Marc Espinosa

General Manager


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