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Product Launch: SD 75 GA F250 as an alternative solution to ETU

MLPC International is one of the top players for the production of vulcanization agents as powders or polymer-bound masterbatches used for the largest part in the rubber industry and its main outlet, the automotive industry. This market segment represents 60% of MLPC International sales.

Vulcanization agents, as powders (Ekaland™ & Vultac® range for Rubber Applications) or polymer-bound masterbatches (Mixland®+ range) are used in various applications :

  • in the automotive sector : door - window - trunk - rear door and hood gaskets but also engine mountings, anti-vibratory and soundproof parts, various hoses, driving or distribution belts, wiper blades...;
  • various tires ;
  • shoe soles, boots, para-medical safety and health equipment ;
  • pharmaceuticals packaging such as stoppers ;
  • latex, gloves, sheets ;
  • floor covering ;
  • sports and leisure equipments and material ;
  • building and public works, industrial machinery, conveyers belt.

The remaining 40% are linked to various others industries sectors, particularly agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, lubricants and adhesives (Ekaland™ & VULTAC® range Specialty Chemicals).

As a 100%-owned subsidiary of Arkema, MLPC International benefits from the group's R&D support and therefore is committed to research programs that produce ever more innovative, environmentally friendly and safe products (Nitrosamine-Free/Safe Products), to optimize its production plant performance and to develop new processes.


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