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MLPC International has a long track record for the development of new chemicals taking advantage of its knowledge of sulfur based derivatives.

In addition to our existing range, Ekaland™, we can supply samples from the lab to the pilot scale which can cover the rubber industry including nitrosamine free curing agents, agro-chemistry, pharmaceuticals, wood treatment, bonding agents, metal surface treatment, waste water treatment, …

MLPC International is also a world leader in the manufacture of top quality predispersed polymer-bound chemicals (Mixland®) for the rubber industry and is making significant efforts to support our customers developing this technology.

For that purpose, MLPC International has two laboratories :

  • one devoted to define the right features : active material content, choice of the binder, Mooney viscosity, level of filtration, of predispersed chemicals to make them more and more suitable for the end-users ;
  • one pointed towards the studies of the predispersed chemical behavior into various rubber compounds (EPDM, NBR, SBR, NR, CR, …) as :
    • the speed and quality of the dispersion homogeneity,
    • the curing efficiency,
    • or the QHSE and economical benefits.

Besides, as a 100 %-owned subsidiary of Arkema, MLPC International benefits from the group's R&D support.

We, at MLPC International, will be always happy to develop new partnerships with our customers to grow together our businesses.

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