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MLPC International is specialized in the sulfur based derivatives chemistry historically used as fungicide in the agricultural field and since the beginning of the 20th century, for applications in the rubber vulcanization.

Our Lesgor plant uses particularly carbon disulfide which reaction with various amines leads to carbazides (used in the agricultural field), to thiurams or thiocarbamates (rubber) and thioureas (rubber and metal surface treatment).

Our Rion plant includes different kind of chemistries depending on the raw material used:

  • chlorine and cyanide sodium combined with amines generate guanidines (vulcanization accelerators) ;
  • sulfur monochloride reaction with morpholine gives a powerful sulfur donor involved in the vulcanization process ;
  • phenol is used to produce an additive for rubber to bonding agents used in the antivibratory parts (automobile), to mention but a few applications.

These products are marketed under the trademark EKALAND™.


Predispersed products

Usually manufactured in fine powder form, MLPC International has developed a new polymer-bound form of the EKALAND™ products in order to improve their handling and dispersion in the rubber blends. These dust free polymer-bound masterbatches, in pellet or slab form, are marketed under the name of MIXLAND+ ® range.


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