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Even if the origins of the company date back to 1926 with the foundation of the "Société Landaise de Produits Chimiques" which was producing at the time charcoal, tar and pyroligneous from the Landes' pine trees, it was only in 1933 that the "Manufacture Landaise de Produits Chimiques" (MLPC) has been created. Decision has been taken in 1998 to change its name into "MLPC International".

1944 saw the first listing of the company's share on the stock exchange. As early as

1945, MLPC International started developing industrial paints from light oils, then rosin oils. The first synthetic products for the rubber industry started to be manufactured in 1949.

In 1955, since the facilities operated in the main production site turned out to be too small, a brand new plant was built in Lesgor, 12 km away from Rion des Landes.

1966 saw the shutdown of the carbonization activity which was quickly off-set by the launching of chemical products (thioureas) for the rubber industry.

Actually, in 1995, MLPC International purchased the carbazides activity from the German company Degussa and started, in 2000, a new masterbatch production unit.

Already shareholder of MLPC International as far back as 1984, Elf Atochem, (now Arkema group) became the company' main shareholder (67,2 %) in 1989.

Since June 2005, MLPC International is a fully-integrated Arkema group facility.


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