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Providing our customers with quality products and services to get their full and complete satisfaction is our main ambition since long ago striving therefore for excellence in quality issues.

By pursuing our policy of ongoing improvement and by promoting dialog with all the company's stakeholders, we achieved our first quality assurance certification to ISO 9002 international standard in 1995.

Our commitment to have our management system evolving into an Integrated Management System (IMS) that would integrate, over and above quality, health, safety and environmental protection issues lead us to certification to ISO 9001 : 2000 as early as 2001 which MLPC International was one of the first French companies to obtain.

The implementation of an Integrated Management System, based on our business processes, contractual and voluntary commitments and in accordance with the constant regulations evolution, is essential to our company's future. Therefore we aim to further our activities by pursuing our ongoing improvement approach in safety and environmental protection, by developing customer partnerships and local relations with stakeholders, by promoting industrial reliability through optimizing the performance of our industrial tools and by enhancing our competitiveness to be an innovative player with responsible care in the global chemical industry.

Constantly looking for improvement, we keep listening to you.


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Certificate ISO 9001:2015



Certificat ISO 14001:2015



Certificat ISO 45001:2018




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