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  Implementation of a Business Continuity Plan within MLPC International (march 9th, 2020)


News :


  July 2023 : Based on an European directive, MLPC has been audited on the application of decree no. 2021-461 issued by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition, which aims to prevent the loss of industrial plastic granules into the environment, and has obtained its certificate of compliance.


  In 2023, MLPC obtained its "Gold level" certification in the Ecovadis benchmark for its Corporate Social Responsibility, with a score of 76/100.


* The EcoVadis methodology covers management indicators, across 21 sustainability criteria, in four themes of Environment, Labor & Human Right, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

It is based on leading standards, such as GRI, UNGC, and ISO 26000, and it is supervised by an international scientific committee.

  April 2021

Replacement of OTOS (CURE RITE 18): Mixland+® TBP 75 GA F100,
MLPC NA-FREE solution

You can review it at your best convenience, by cliking HERE

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  December 2020


You can watch the webinar again by cliking HERE



  October 2020

Discover our new catalogue presenting our full product range for Tire Applications.

You will find our three product lines EKALAND™, MIXLAND® and VULTAC® both summarized and listed. 

We wish to underline that MLPC has conducted some technical studies which are available on request.

Our technical support is geared towards supporting you managing to introduce new molecules into your existing and future formulations. 

Besides our existing TIRE product lines, our dedicated R&D team is willing to develop other molecules such as bio-sourced materials. 

For any request concerning any product of our three product lines, or for any molecule development, please contact us.  

We will be delighted to investigate how we can bring you the solution to your specific demand. 

Our Tire catalogue in full PDF version, is available on request.



  July 2020 - Webinar :


Shoe soles are often made of rubber, to provide flexibility, rebound and strength. They may contain skin irritants components, and may release carcinogenic nitrosamines. MLPC is closely monitoring new studies conducted on accelerators offering safer curing systems.

To know more about MLPC solutions → you can watch the webinar

Presenters: Isabelle Yarzabal & Romain Brunet.



  June 2020 - Webinar :


Our 1st webinar was a success thanks to you !

If you missed something during the session or would like a refresher → you can watch the webinar again

Presenter: Isabelle Yarzabal



  June 2020

Discover our Mixland+® SM 300 F140 leaflet detailing how this MLPC solution can solve your problems of visible defects on final pieces formulated with light colored compounds, and how it can help you to avoid scrap and waste management during production.



 May 2020

MLPC prepares deconfinement :

The French government has announced the end of the containment which should take effect on May 11th, a validation of the modalities will be specified on May 7th by the authorities.
As MLPC International is part of the Arkema group, one of our key values is safety.
As such, we took part in the World Safety Day which enabled employees to express their concerns and thus put forward the necessary ideas of the measures to be put in place with regard to their own jobs.

At the same time, we have been working since mid-April on the precise framework that will enable us to ensure the safety of all our employees and the performance of our production while providing the service expected by our customers.
Numerous measures have been decided, including but not limited to the following:
• Use of masks (mostly FFP2 during the peak of the pandemic)
• Generalized home office for all employees possible
• Work with doctors to identify employees at risk and special measures to protect them
• Easy access to desinfectants (hands, contact points…) and frequent secheduled cleaning
• Distancing between workers
• Special ciruclation to limit contacts
• Specific trainings
• General display in offices, workshops and also at the entrance to the sites.

In all transparency we want to share our actions with you and we would like you to be able to ensure that you take all the necessary measures on your side. More than ever, we share a common responsibility, with everyone playing a part in the fight to succeed in this pandemic.
Take care of yourself, of others,


  April 2020

WorldSafetyDay on April 28th, 2020 :

Together, in these exceptional circumstances, at the plant, at the office, or remotely, we demonstrate daily responsibility, professionalism and solidarity to continue satisfying our customers and embodying ARKEMA’S and our values day in day out. More than ever, in this crisis that affects us all, employees are aware they need to be extra vigilant in both our personal and our professional environment, by remembering that «everyone is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others », taking the time to analyze risks before executing daily tasks, and above all by respecting the barriers and the « must haves » defined to prevent the spread of the virus. Accordingly, a working group involving employees from various functions and from both Rion and Lesgor production sites has put forward guiding principles for implementation preparing the lifting of the lockdown (scheduled the 11 of May, but a review of the situation will be done the 7 of May by the French government in order to validate the plan communicated).


  January 2019

Electronic Document Management :

In the framework of sustainable development while providing our customers with a continuous improvement of our services, as of January 1, 2019, MLPC has implemented Electronic Document Management.

Indeed, the future requires an awareness necessary to reduce the amount of paper consumed, mail carried, ink used, archive space optimized, all resulting in a significant contribution to the protection of the environment.

All documents relating to an order will be sent to you electronically, except in countries requiring documentary deliveries or letters of credit or any other method of payment requiring paper originals, our customers will continue to receive paper document versions.


  November 2018

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) :

We are pleased to confirm the renewal of our customs certification « Authorized Economic Operator”Nr F00000921.


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